Pumps are mechanical devices which transfer fluids or gas from one point to another. They move liquid from a low pressure area to a higher pressure area and they can move liquids from a low elevation to a higher elevation.

what are the types of pumps?Pumps are classified into 2 types;

1) Rotodynamic Pumps – where energy is continuously added to the liquid to accelerate its velocity.

In a Centrifugal Pump, it uses kinetic energy to force fluid movement from one location to another through centrifugal force using impellers.

Impeller designs of a Centrifugal Pump

The Impeller designs are grouped as either radial flow, mixed flow, or axial flow depending on their hydraulic geometry.

Regenerative pumps, are centrifugal pumps whose impeller rotates in a ringlike channel with an inlet and an outlet opening.

2) A Positive Displacement Pump is when energy is periodically added to the liquid by the direct application of force to one or more movable volumes of liquid. A positive displacement pump is classified into 2 types;

Reciprocating pumps are also among the oldest types of pumps used. They consist of a piston that moves back and forth within a cylinder.

Rotary pumps are the most widely used positive displacement pumps and they are used to pump viscous liquids such as motor oil, syrup, and paint.

What is the main function of Pumps?

Pumps move or circulate fluids or gas within a piping system which may include vessels, heat exchangers, valves, mixers and monitoring devices & instrumentation.

What is the difference between Industrial process pumps & Chemical process pump?

Industrial process pumps are normally used for clean /non-corroding fluids which may or may not contain solids i.e sewage.

Chemical process pumps are generally designed for corrosive fluids, often at high temperatures and pressures. They may also contain small solids.

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