Valtek GS Control Valve

The Valtek GS Control Valve is a fully integrated valve-actuator-instrumentation package for continuous process non-critical flow loop control throughout the plant.

Its integrated control valve package consists of the newly designed GS linear globe valve, the new Valtek Logix 420 digital positioner with Quick Cal, and the FlowAct pneumatic diaphragm actuator. This integrated design makes it a low cost to value to buy, install, operate and maintain.

Product Range:

DIN: DN 15 – 150 / PN 16 – 40
AMSE: 0.5” to 6″; pressure class 150 and 300
Body materials: Carbon and stainless steel
Standard live loaded packing systems: TA-Luft/ISO 15848-1 up to +400° C (752°F) operating temp.
Temperature range: -60°C up to +400°C (-76°F up to 752°F)
End connection: Flanged
Leakage class: IV standard; IV and VI optional
Options: Bellows seal, extension bonnets, low noise and cavitation control trims
Actuation: Pneumatic diaphragm and electrical linear actuators

  • Easy Sizing & Selection
  • Global Supply & Support

Advantages of the Valtek GS Control Valve:

  • Value added design for general service applications
  • High performance, fully integrated control valve
  • Globe control valves preferred over rotary valves
  • High Cv rates are offered
  • Reduced valves sizes are available
  • Integrated digital positioner mounted without tubing
  • Single-push calibration for digital positioner
  • Quick and simple maintenance
  • Short lead-times and on-time delivery

Download: Valtek GS General Brochure

Download: Valtek GS Technical bulletin

Download: Valtek GS_SIL_3 Certificate


  • High Capacity
  • High Performance
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Easy Sizing & Selection
  • Global Supply & Support

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