Self Cleaning Ball Valves

Self Cleaning valves with Adjust-O-Seal® thoroughly clean valve internals during CIP in the full open position. PBM’s self-cleaning ball valve also provides full, unobstructed flow and bidirectional, bubble-tight shutoff.

PBM self-flushing balls join the cavity of the valve with the piping when the valve is open. The holes allow product to fill the cavity just as it fills the piping. When flushing the lines, the cleaning fluid fills the cavity and displaces the product.

The cleaning principal is nothing more than fluid turbulence. Just as a short blind tee is acceptable and will clean, the valve cavity acts as a short tee so that turbulence will clean it as well. Tests at PBM using hard to flush lotions and shampoos confirm this principal. These tests were conducted with 160o F flush water at the minimum specified flush velocity of 5 feet per second with excellent results.

Self flushing balls are also available in diverter port and multi-port valves.

No operating features are sacrificed when using self-flushing balls in these 3, 4 and 5 way valves.

These are significant advantages over floating ball designs, as well as diaphragm and butterfly valves.

Click on the video to see the Self Flushing Ball Valve in action:





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