Pipeline Mixer

Pipeline mixer - greercoA Pipe Line Mixer is a machine used for mixing solids or powders into a liquid, where the client requires a particular particle size, the mixing head is adjustable to suit the required particle size. It works on the same principle as a colloid mill but it does not have the adjustment feature of the gap between the rotor & the stator.

What are the uses of a pipeline mixer?

A pipeline mixer will mix product in the pipe line, it will mix solids or powders into the liquid and it will ensure a homogeneous mix.

Is a pipeline mixer the same as a pipeline static mixer?

pipeline static mixers

No, a Pipeline Static Mixer has no moving parts and is used for Mixing Liquids and Gases into liquids, they cannot be used for Mixing Powders or Solids, whereas a Pipeline Mixer is dynamic, it has a Motor which drives the Mixing Head.


How can Flexachem help you?

Flexachem supply and support the leading brand: Greerco Pipeline Mixer.

Greerco High Shear Pipeline Mixers offer a wide range of products for use in continuous inline homogenisation, particle size reduction or dispersion.

If you have a particular application concerning a pipeline mixer or high shear mixer why not contact one of our product specialists to see how we can help.


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