Homogenizer - High Shear MixerA Homogenizer is a machine which works on the same principle as a Colloid Mill and the Pipeline Mixer, as it also uses a Rotor Stator. A homogenizer is used on Tanks and its working principle is of high speed/high sheer.

What does a Homogeniser do?

A homogeniser is a high Shear mixer for mixing solids, powders and for mixing liquids of different densities into a homogenous mix. The Rotor stator sucks the product from below the mixing head and forces it through the Rotor Stator. Homogenisers are designed for different Tank Capacities.

What is the process of homogenization?

The process of homogenization is blending media into a homogenous solution, i.e. mixing oil into water to get a homogeneous solution.

How can Flexachem help you?

Flexachem supply and support the leading brand: Chemineer – Greerco High Shear Homogenizers.

Greerco High Shear Homogenizers are often thought of as a “speciality agitator”. They are frequently used in applications where standard agitation technology fails to provide the desired process result or production time.

If you have a particular application concerning a Homogenizer or high shear mixer, why not contact one of our process specialists to find out how our mixing range can help your process.


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