Rotary Lobe Pump

Flexachem supply and support 2 types of Rotary Lobe pumps – NETZSCH TORNADO® rotary lobe pump for Industrial applications and the Inoxpa SLR rotary lobe pump – Sanitary applications.

The NETZSCH TORNADO® rotary lobe pump is a positive displacement pump suitable for Industrial applications. The media enters the pump chamber through the inlet port and is carried around the chamber by the rotors to the outlet port where it is discharged. This pumping motion is achieved by the rotation of two rotors in contra-directions within the pump chamber and are synchronised externally.

The drive motor transmits power via a double-sided tooth belt which both drives and synchonises the pump shafts. If required, the drive can be used in conjunction with a frequency converter to achieve a specifc flowrate or range of flowrates. 

What is a rotary lobe pump?

What are the advantages of the NETZSCH TORNADO® rotary lobe pump?

This rotary lobe pump is self-priming, low-pulsation with smooth pumping of all media, has no valves and can be optimally customised to meet specific process and application requirements. It has small space requirements due to their compact design. They can be used for almost any media on intermittent, continuous or dosing applications.

They are service and maintenance free as all the parts that come into contact with the media are directly accessible without having to dismantle the pipework or disconnect the drive.

The innovative design of these Rotary Lobe pumps provides quick and easy access to the pump chamber, including the inlet and outlet ports, by simply removing the cover plate. This provides improved access for inspection, cleaning, service and replacing parts. The service-friendly design of the tooth belt drive means that, should it be necessary, the belt is easy and quick to replace.

Check out this video to see how a rotary lobe pump works:

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Valve free construction, self-priming pump, suitable for any kind of liquid including media containing gas, solids or fibrous matter, suitable for lubricating and non-lubricating media, pumping media with high or low viscosity, handling shear sensitive fluids, operating at temperature up to 100°C , reversible operation, can be serviced without disconnecting the pipework and has a tolerance of dry running.


It has a broad spectrum of applications with flowrates up to 1,000 m3/h and up to 10 bar pressure and is capable of pumping clean liquids, viscous liquids and solids latent slurries.

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