Sight Glasses

Sight glasses

Sight glasses enable the visibility of the process in a pipeline or tank. The visibility of the process is important- you can verify the addition of chemicals, agitation and changes via looking in through the sight glasses.

What are the different “types” of sight glasses?

The main types of sight glasses are tubular, bulls eye and port-hole sight glass. There are variants on the shapes but they are all similar. The main difference between tubular sight glass and bullseye sight glass is the pressure rating is one differential given the limits but in essence they both allow visibility. Bulls eye type are more sturdy.

What are the key factors to take into consideration when specifying sight glasses?

The key factors to take into account is the media going through the sight glass or in contact is most critical, the operating temperature and pressure follow and the size of the pipeline.

How does a sight flow indicator work?

Sight glass IndicatorA sight flow indicator works on the principle that the flow is disturbed as it goes through the sight glass, which will create an effect that can be seen.

What is a flanged sight glass?

A sight glass that allows bolting into a pipeline or to a tank.

How can Flexachem help you?

Flexachem supply a wide variety of sight glasses from tubular to bulls eye sight glasses to sanitary sight glasses for applications such as the viewing of distillate in alcohol production.We also provide Lined PTFE Sight Glass for corrosive applications, where lined sight glasses are an essential item.

Flexachem offer Flowserve lined sight glasses along with other bespoke tubular type and custom made larger ones that act as receiver or knock out pots with graduations.

If you have a specific requirement for a speciality material sight glass, please contact one of our product specialists to discuss your application.


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