Pinch Valve

The Pinch Valve is a simple design that is ideal for finish fill application. Easy loading helps reduce changeover time, smooth handle operation improves ease of operation, designed to close under various pressure conditions. Ideal for braided silicone hoses.

Pinch Valves shut off media flow by exerting a clamping force on your existing flexible braided hose and clear tubing.

  • Absolute shut off on braided tubing
  • Can handle large size tubing up to 1-3/8” OD
  • Do not need to break tubing line to install valve – simply slips over tubing at any point
  • Does not require secondary tube inserts to function nor end connections as some competitors require.
  • Can shut off against higher line pressures on systems using peristaltic pumps – up to rated burst pressure of braided tubing
  • Available with pneumatic operator, spring return fail closed or open, capable of providing absolute shut-off
  • Two valve sizes: ½-inch covers tubing form 1/6” through ½”  and  1-inch covers tubing from 5/8” through 1”
  • Snap on safety cover provides support for tubing during cycling and provides protection from pinch points



• On/Off valves on automated UF and Chromatography skids
• Valves with positioners for flow and pressure control on automated UF and Chromatography skids

Manual Valves:

  • Shut off valves on Bag totes
  • Manual flow control on bench top UF systems

If Pinch Valve failure is in your Bioprocesses – watch below for a solution.


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