SIHI Pump AKV is a side channel pumps are an inline design that has been constructed as space saving and easy to install pumping units with a standard motor. The AKV pumps are used for problem-free and economical pumping of clear, turbid, aggressive, valuable, toxic or ill smelling liquids that do not contain any abrasive particles. The SIHI Pump range AKVA, AKVB, AKLA and AKLB pumps are capable of handling gas along with the medium while the AKVB is also self-priming. The AKV range of pumps are used for applications in following industries:

  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Plastic and rubber industry
  • Surface treatment and hardening
  • Food and beverage industry

The space-saving and robust design including a bearing pedestal or bearing bracket and the small quantity of high-quality material have made this inexpensive design a well-known pump in the above-mentioned industries. Furthermore, the AKV pumps are suitable wherever standard chemical pumps are oversized and are operating uneconomically.

Horizontal or vertical, single stage side channel pumps with opposite arranged suction and discharge cover. The arranging of the suction and discharge branch in one casing part gives the possibility to change all parts subject to wear without detaching the pumps from the piping system. The program comprises 4 sizes at 1450 rpm and 4 sizes at 2900 rpm. The applied hydraulic components are from our Modular Side Channel system (interchangeability of parts).

Technical Data:

  • Capacity: max. 12 m³/h
  • Delivery head: max. 70 m
  • Speed: max. 1800 1/min for AKL/AKV 1201, 3101, 3601, 4101
    • max. 3000 1/min for AKL/AKV 1301, 3201, 3701, 4201
  • Temperature: max. 120 °C (higher temperatures on request)
  • Casing pressure: PN 16 (Maximum 16 bar from -40 °C up to + 120 °C)
  • Shaft sealing: Mechanical seal
  • Flange connections: DIN 2501 / PN 16
    • The flanges correspond to DIN EN 1992-2 / PN 16.
    • Flange design to DIN 2512 with groove or drilled according to ANSI ANSI 150 or 300 lbs is basically possible.
  • Direction of rotation: clockwise (when seen from the drive end)

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