Colloid Mill

High Shear Mixer - Greerco Colloid MillA colloid mill is a machine used for mixing solids into a liquid, where the client requires a particular particle size. The mixing head is adjustable to suit the required particle size.

A colloid mill is also a homogeniser as they both use a rotor/stator mixing head.

How does a Colloid Mill work?

The colloid mill has a mixing head which is made up of a rotor & a stator. The rotor & stator has holes where the rotor forces the product through the holes in the Stator. The hole size dictates the size of the particles in the final slurry, the hand wheel adjusts the gap between the rotor and the stator, this determines the size of the particles in the slurry.

What is a Colloid Mill used for?

A colloid mill is a High Shear Mixer used for rapid mixing of powders, solids and liquids of various SG’s into a Homogeneous slurry.

How can Flexachem help you?

Flexachem supply and support the leading brand: Greerco Colloid Mill.

Greerco offers the most versatile line of colloid mills that allow the user to easily modify the shear rate to achieve the desired process results while ensuring precise repeatability. The greerco colloid mill is available in vertical or horizontal mounting positions, these high shear mixers are ideal for batch, batch-continuous or in-line applications.

If you have a particular application concerning a colloid mill or high shear mixer why not contact one of our product specialists to see how we can help.


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