Aseptconn Products

Aseptconn is a primary supplier of Products, Components, systems for liquid sterile technology and software (Aseptsoft) used in Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharmaceutical industries. Aseptconn is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and supply correct and traceable certification for each order.

Aseptconn is trusted by many well-known businesses in the Biotech and pharmaceutical industry due to their years of experience and expert guidance to produce reliable products which enhance the productivity and safety of the customers’​ manufacturing processes in a sustainable way.

Flexachem is representing Aseptconn to provide a high-quality range of products and intelligent software to our customers in the Biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

Aseptconn products for Biotech and Pharma:

Flexachem is a leading supplier of Aseptconn products. We supply the following:


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