Rupture Disc

how does a rupture disc work?A Rupture Disc is a relief device that enables the venting of the process when a predetermined pressure and temperature are exceeded in the process, it also relieves vacuum conditions on the same principle. A rupture disc is also referred to as a bursting disc.


Bursting discs work by having a thin layer of metal (the disc) mounted in a holder. The calculations are made in advance to determine the thickness for the conditions – a preset pressure at a given temperature.

Why do we use a ruptured disc?

A rupture disc is a convenient way to retain the pressure in a process.

Ruptured discs can be used in tandem with a pressure relief valve that re-seats as a way to prevent over pressurisation on a vessel.

What is a bursting disc indicator?

A bursting disc indicator gives feedback that either the disc is intact or has been ruptured, this is then acted upon as needed.

What are the types of rupture disks?

Generally speaking they are forward acting or reverse acting. This is the direction the disc bursting when the pressure is exceeded. Forward acting are tension based and reverse acting are compression based

What is the difference between a rupture disc vs a pressure relief valve?

Pressure relief valves have the ability to re-seat once the pressure is exceeded. Bursting discs need to be replaced

What is a low pressure rupture disc?

This is the relative pressure of the set point at which the disc will burst – in mbar G

How do you size a ruptured disc?

The client needs to provide the pipeline dimensions, pressure and temperature, the media and operating conditions.

How can Flexachem help you?

Flexachem provide the full portfolio from ZOOK rupture discs – Metal, Graphite and Specialty rupture discs and related over-pressure protection products. Zook have over 90 years experience in rupture disk (bursting disc) engineering and manufacturing.

Flexachem supply the following rupture discs to industries such as Pharmaceutical, Bio-technology, Beverage, Food and dairy, Power generation, Mining and Marine etc;

  • Hygienic/Sanitary discs,
  • Reverse Acting discs,
  • Ultra-Low Pressure discs,
  • Forward Acting discs
  • Rupture disc holders
  • Bursting disk accessories

If you have a specific requirement in mind, please contact one of our product specialists to discuss your application.


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