Centrifugal Pump

With an increasing emphasis and demands being placed on the design, efficiency and maintenance of Pumps and Valves within your fluid handling systems; at Flexachem we are here to assist you in selecting the best process solutions product for your engineered chemical, product containment and transfer application. We offer a range of Centrifugal Pumps for both the Chemical and Process Industries.

We also offer Process Improvement Services for your Pump Health Check such as:

Pump Laser alignment and Condition Monitoring

this service includes vibration analysis, cavitation checks, bearing conditions, temperature and speed measurements with detailed reports of findings and recommendations.

• Service Centre where we have a Centrifugal Pump Repair Facility for ISO/ANSI repairs.

FlowSelex Pump Performance Curves.1You can also access our Pump Selection Tool => the Flowselex Portal  it is an on-line Pump Sizing and Selection Program designed for clients to use and view pump performance curves and GA drawings when required.

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Pump Specialists:

Phil Soltan (External)

Adrian McSweeney (Internal)

Paul-Fox Morris (Internal)

Tel: (021) 4617260

E-mail: sales@flexachem.com