Pump Accessories

You need pump accessories to monitor the equipment or to increase the reliability of the equipment or to even protect it. Minor upgrades might also make a considerable difference.

Flexachem offer a range of Pump Accessories and Enhancements such as the;

  • Pump power monitor
  • IPS beacon
  • Bearing Gard
  • Duraclear

The Pump Power Monitor of which there are several varieties can be used to protect a Centrifugal Pump or Side Channel pump from several conditions which may prove catastrophic to the equipment. Some of these conditions include dry running, zero flow (which may eventually lead to an explosion if the protection was not there) and also to prevent excess flow while this applies to the Magnetic Drive pump it equally applies to pumps with conventional seals. The pump power monitor will not work where variable speed drive is deployed. It is a non-invasive device i.e. there are no changes or modifications to piping as it is purely electrical and needs a small amount of space on the motor control panel.

IPS Beacon is a basic condition monitoring device which monitors both the temperature and the vibration on the machine and its use is not limited to pumps and can be applied to a variety of different rotational machines i.e. motors, fans and bearing blocks. This is only one of a comprehensive suite of Flowserve IPS products which also include wireless systems. The beacon has the option of a Bluetooth memory to store 90 days of data which can be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet which can then be analysed to enable planned shutdowns or process changes to take place.

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The Bearing Gard gives bearing protection from outside sources of contamination i.e. water, dust etc Its bronzed construction ensures that no sparking can occur therefore it is safe to use in ATEX areas. There are 2 short O-rings which give additional security in case the leading O-ring is snagged or damaged upon installation. Some shafts have a shoulder without a suitable chamfer which increases the risk of damage to the leading O-ring.

Bearing Gard 2 is an enhanced design compared to the original type.

DuraClear is a high-performance barrier fluid which is environmental safe, nonreactive with the process fluid, and a good mechanical seal face lubricant. DuraClear barrier fluids are formulated specifically for the mechanical seal and barrier fluid reservoir environment and they do not contain any detergents or heavy metals.

If Energy Reduction across your plant is your concern, than Flexachem can carry out a Predictive & Preventative Maintenance Schedule on all your vibrating process equipment. It is a cost-effective means of increasing Uptime and Extending Mean Time Between Failure.

To find out more about our full range of pump accessories – why not contact one of our Pump Specialist team?

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