Blanketing Valve

What is a blanketing valve?A blanketing valve is a device used to maintain a preset pressure within a tank or system. A typical use within the pharmaceutical sector is the use of a nitrogen blanketing valve to maintain an inert atmosphere within the tank.

What does it mean when a tank is blanketed?

Tank blanketing, or padding, is the process and practice of covering a stored commodity, usually a liquid, with a gas. It is the best prevention of and protection against explosions. If the commodity is volatile or toxic, tank blanketing can prevent it from harming workers,  equipment and the environment. When the commodity is a food or other substance, blanketing protects it from oxidation or contamination though exposure to air or moisture.

What is the purpose of nitrogen blanketing?

In a lot of applications, there are flammable solvents present and by using nitrogen blanketing you create an inert atmosphere to substantially reduce the risk of explosion.

What is a typical nitrogen blanketing design?

Nitrogen blanketing valves allow low pressure nitrogen into the vessel when it is being emptied or if there are losses through normal venting during the reaction.

An example from our brand partners Cashco, the Model 1078 is a pilot operated blanketing valve allowing tanks to be controlled with much tighter tolerances than before. The unit has multiple flow plugs, sensing configurations, and body configurations in order to meet the specific needs of the end user.

What is a pilot operated blanketing valve?

A pilot valve is a small valve that controls a limited-flow control feed to a separate piloted valve. Typically, this valve controls a high pressure or high flow feed. Pilot valves are useful because they allow a small and easily operated feed to control a much higher pressure or higher flow feed, which would otherwise require a much larger force to operate; indeed, this is even useful when a solenoid is used to operate the valve. Pilot valves are often used in critical applications (e.g., emergency and safety controls) and are human-operated. They can be set up as a push-to-activate or dead man’s switch.

What is a high purity blanketing regulator?

These are blanketing valves used with sanitary design in food and pharmaceutical applications

What is a high capacity tank blanketing valve?

This is a valve that will allow larger volumes of gas into the system/tank.

Which tank blanketing regulators does Flexachem supply?

Flexachem are the localised support within Ireland for the globally installed brand Cascho. We supply a wide range of pilot operated blanketing valves, low pressure to medium pressure blanketing valves and high purity blanketing regulators for sanitary applications.

If you have a specific requirement in mind, please contact one of our product specialists to discuss your application.


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