Local Service & Repairs when you need it

We know when mechanical equipment & components fail, you need a fast turnaround service to either acquire the spare parts or access to highly qualified & industry trained service engineers who can carry out on-site repairs & service work on demand.

We hold a heavily stocked inventory & factory approved spare parts to support your operational needs. We also have dedicated areas within our Service Centre that are a clean controlled environment. These facilities enables full repair & assembly service for your mechanical components & equipment from within our portfolio range. Our fully qualified Service Engineering team are in situ to work to support each  requirement.

Our Full Repair & Assembly Service typically includes:

  • Mechanical Seal Inspection /  Repair / Rebuild / Refurbishment
  • Pump Mechanical Seal Conversions / Installation
  • Pump Inspection /  Repair / Rebuild / Refurbishment
  • Pump Maintenance, Laser alignment, Energy assessment & Vibration Analysis
  • Tank agitator services- including installation
  • Valve inspection / Actuation / Installation Services
  • Most of these services are both In-House or On-Site
  • Manual valve actuation with pneumatic or electrical actuators, including feedback & positioners
  • and much more.
Service Centre Repairs

Did you know we also have Field Engineers to help you Assess  & Improve your Process?

  • Increase in Yield and greater throughput  by optimising your equipment selection. It is a cost-effective means of increasing Uptime and Extending Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).
  • Model your current tank mixing application and offer to provide Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) assessment of the flow & movement of the liquids in the tank. This modelling tool provides a better visual understanding of the existing or future mixer performance in the tank & enables better decision making on impeller choices etc.
  • Reduction of Energy & Carbon footprint via software & modelling tools which assist in overall plans for site wide kW reduction.
  • Delivering Up-Time and Reliability by utilising Predictive and Preventative Maintenance tools to support your operating needs.
  • Product Life Cycle Cost Reduction by discussion with our in-house specialists and working with your maintenance team on the recommended maintenance plans
  • Front end study support for equipment selections, capex costing and upgrade options for all levels of project.

We also provide On-site Surveys for specific equipment types, Steam system review including boiler instrumentation, Emergency Repair Service, with the option of Equipment Pickup and/or Delivery Service.

If you have a particular service in mind and would like to discuss it further with Flexachem – why not contact one of our Service Engineering Team. For new or equipment upgrades also feel free to discuss with our external specialists in Valves, Pumps, Seals and Process equipment.

Contact our Service Engineer’s Team:

Colin Draper – Service Engineer – tel: 021 461 7223

David O’Connell – Service Engineer – tel: 021 461 7223 

Una Long –  Pump & Service Support – tel: 021 461 7200          

Tel: 021 461 7200