PRG Standard Magnetic Drive Agitator
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PRG Standard Magnetic Drive Agitator

Product Description

PRG Engineering at its best PRG agitator products

PRG specialise in top, bottom and side entry Magnetic Drive Agitators and have highly experienced engineering specialists who can create bespoke solutions for any application.

They deliver a range of solutions that include low to silo mixing volumes. Their magnetic drive agitators offer aspectic cleanability & volume mixing ranges from 1 litre to 60,000 litres. Their design not only offers an excellent clean-ability and surface quality but also a long natural life of the equipment components and a minimum of maintenance. As there is no mechanical seal risk or maintenance, where properly applied PRG agitators deliver operational cost savings as well as no risk of product contamination.

The standard Magnetic Drive Agitator has a contra-rotating mixer which is capable of using various types of mixer blades. It can handle the most difficult of mixing tasks and can be easily optimised to the relevant mixing process.



Contact one of our Product Specialists, if you have a specific application you wish to discuss:

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