Powder Valve

Powder Valve - Cora Rotary ValveA powder valve, is a type of valve designed for the handling of solid material, like powder and tablets in the Pharmaceutical & Chemical industries.

How does a powder valve work?

A Powder valve works by rotating 180 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise breaking up the media of powder and dispensing it through the valve.  The rotation is normally carried out via a pneumatic actuator but can also be an electric actuator all depending on the customer’s requirements.

What are the applications and uses for a powder valve?

Applications and uses of a powder valve vary from industry to industry. In the Pharmaceutical section, you would use a powder valve for the separation of possible lumps in the media. Food companies may also use powder valves during the manufacturing process of baby powder.

What are the different types of powder valves used in industry?

There are several different types of powder valves available within industry ranging from a crusher valve to rotary valves to double vein valves etc

How do you select the right valve for powder handling?

To select the correct powder valve, it is essential that the consistency of the media will be capable of passing through the valve, this can be done using a few different methods, if the consistency is too lumpy, a crusher valve can be used to break down the media, leaving it in a usable state for the next process of powder passing.

What are the applications and uses of slide gate valve for powder?

Slide gate valves can be used for dry powder applications, when there is a large amount of media to be discharged and with limited flow control.

When would you use a rotary valve for powder handling?

Rotary powder valves can be used in many applications, especially for controlled discharge onto a load cell, or weighing scales.

How can Flexachem help you?

Flexachem supply the CO.RA. range of powder valves;

  • Rotary Valve ( 4 or 6 Vane style)
  • HR Crusher
  • Sole Valve
  • Complete Dosing system

CO.RA. sanitary powder valves have been specifically designed for solid handling products targeted for the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and food and beverage industries. These valves are designed for cleanroom and hygienic applications. The polished surfaces and quick dismantling features allow for easy cleaning.

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