CORA HR Crusher Valve

Take a look at the CORA HR crusher valve today and see how it could be the perfect solution for you.

The CORA HR Crusher Valve system allows the crushing of agglomerated powders that are formed during the production and or storage phase. The crusher is the ideal solution to break products and is particularly suitable for hygroscopic materials or materials that tend to pack such as sugar, salt, silicates, chemicals and food products in general. The fast rotation of special blades through a fixed grid determine the shredding of the lumps into smaller parts. The Crusher is composed of a rotor with helicoidally shaped blades with a rectangular cross-section enclosed in two mechanically coupled half-bodies. It is controlled by an electric gear motor with fixed speed and with variable speed available on request. The crusher system can be placed in product loading and or discharging pipelines for the emptying/filling of drums, bins etc.



  •  Body and rotor in Aisi 316L (1.4404) satin finish (mirror polished upon request)
  •  NO o-ring on the shaft
  •  Easy to disassemble, inspect and clean
  •  Manufactured according to G.M.P.
  •  Traceability in time ( serial number )
  •  Electric gear motor with power from 0,75 Kw up


  •  No lubricants
  •  Sterilizable in autoclave
  • •Loading and unloading process machines, emptying drums, bins etc …

DOCUMENTATION AND CERTIFICATES: Documentation that can be supplied with the valve:

  •  3.1 material certificates for the parts in contact product and FDA and USP certificates for the
  •  Operation and Maintenance Manual • Certificate of surface roughness
  •  Certificate of CE conformity
  •  Atex declaration of conformity for zone 1/21 (internal/external)
  •  Other documentation on request

Cora Valves also integrate perfectly with the Bolz Drums system for Sanitary Powder Applications



Animation of the CORA Crusher:

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  • •Loading and unloading process machines, emptying drums, bins etc …

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