Lined Ball Valves

lined ball valves

Lined Ball Valves are a type of ball valve which are made up of a body, stem, ball, seat and lining.

The interior is completely lined with a high quality PTFE or PFA lining material and due to its thickness it completely protects the valves against any chemical corrosion which makes it an excellent choice for any nasty applications.

They are also known as a Shut Off valve as some brands are engineered to include a free-floating ball design which promotes Positive shut – off across the pressure range, for example, the Flowserve Atomac Lined Ball Valve range.

What is the difference between a Lined Ball Valve/Shut off Valve & an Unlined Ball Valve?

Lined ball valves offer all the same functions of unlined valves but are a cost-effective solution for chemical and severe corrosive applications where long term sealing and reliability are needed. They are durable & reliable and perform well after many cycles – which make them a great choice for shutoff and control applications.

They can generally be installed without regard for flow direction, and are ideally suited for automation as they feature an ISO 5211 universal mounting pad which allows for easy automation even with the valve in the pipeline.  The stem design incorporates an anti blow out feature which ensures increased safety while every lined ball valve has its own anti-static device, which provides protection against potentially dangerous
electrostatic discharges.

Some additional key benefits include;

Pneumatic actuators can be factory-assembled,

Superior resistance for chemicals;

The Lining has a high durability and thermal resistance;

The limits for the operating temperature for the liner and pressure are;

e.g. FEP to 300°F (150°C), PFA to 400°F (200°C) and 10 Bar

How Flexachem can help you?

Flexachem is the leading distributor for the sizing & design of Ball Valves throughout Ireland. We represent the brand Flowserve Atomac Lined Ball Valves which offer PTFE, PFA and Ceramic lined ball valves and we are the distributor for them throughout Ireland.

We have a dedicated Valve Specialist team who are highly experienced and industry trained who can help you select the shortest possible length from the available sizes in which they can fit the ball, seats, flanges, assembly of the flange and any body bolting. Our Service Engineers provide localised technical support & on-site service engineering to support your operational needs. We also hold a heavily stocked inventory to help take the pressure off you in the event of unexpected emergencies.

We offer a full range of actuated lined ball valves, such as Full Port (Full Bore), Reduced Port (Reduced Bore), Long Pattern, Short Pattern, Tank Outlet Valve/Drain Valve, Divert Valve and Glass Pipework Valve.

Contact our Valve Specialists:

Brendan Merrigan (external) – mob: 087 2598124

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