Mixproof Valve

Mixproof valve - InoxpaA mixproof valve is a type of valve where 2 different forms of media can flow through the valve without coming in contact with one another.

How does a mixproof valve work?

A mixproof valve works by blocking/preventing the ingress of product and or cleaning solution from one chamber to the next.

What are the various components of a mixproof valve?

Many manufactures have different types of design, but the common parts are,

  • Actuator with dual chambers (Pneumatic, Electric etc)
  • Dual stems to allow operation of 2 chambers
  • Separate chambers to prevent cross contamination of products
  • Seats and Seals

What are the applications in which you would typically use a mixproof valve?

Mixproof valves are used in many applications within industry to allow the use of product flow, and when the production run is complete, rather than removing the valve for cleaning, it can be cleaned on the line, this is known as CIP (Clean in Place) or SIP (Sterilise in Place).

What are the different types of mix proof valves?

There are 2 different types of mixproof valves;  double seal mixproof valve and the shut off double seal.

What is a 3-way mixproof valve?

A 3 way mixproof valve will allow the flow of media from ports 1 to port 2, or port 1 to port 3, giving the option of 2 different paths.

When would you use a mix proof butterfly valve?

A mixproof butterfly valve incorporates two butterfly valves, and an independent drain, this would be used for inline product flow, and to reduce down time the valve can be closed, then CIP (clean in place).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using mixproof valves?


  • Using a mixproof valve will enable continuous production runs
  • Capability of visible leak detection
  • Single valve installation
  • Manifold valve installation
  • Ease of disassembly for maintenance
  • Various pipe end connections
  • CIP- (Clean in Place) capable


  • More expensive than standard valves
  • Can be complicated when it comes to design and set-up

What is the mixproof valve matrix?

A mixproof matrix will allow you to select the flow path of media when ordering the valve to ensure the correct function is suited to the application.

How can Flexachem help you?

Flexachem have over 38 years plus experience in working with valves.

Flexachem support PBM and Inoxpa mix proof technology valves.

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