Aseptloop valve bypass

Product code: Aseptloop

Aseptloop® is a sectioning unit developed for diaphragm valves and connects to most well known Diaphragm valves.

It is available in all dimensions according to the standards- ASME-BPE, ISO 1127 or DIN 11850, and with Tri-Clamps or other custom-made connections that meet the standards BS/ASME-BPE, ISO, DIN 11850.

How it works:

  • Temporary replacement of the drive
  • Installation on existing valve body without modification
  • Fits onto many different brands of Diaphragm Valve.


  • Cleaning of existing installations between 2 defined points
  • Passivation of defined sections (new problem or rouging)
  • Bypass for calibration, maintenance, cleaning of pumps or instruments


  • 1 or 2 inputs/outputs
  • Tri-clamp or other customer specific connections according to BS / ASME-BPE, ISO, DIN
  • Housing made of 1.4435 and EPDM membrane, with certificates

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