Computational Fluid Dynamics tool- CFD

Product code: Computational Fluid Dynamics tool CFD

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is a tool developed by Aseptconn which is used to predict the parameters for various physical and chemical processes. CFD assists the designing of systems by eliminating the needs to build expensive prototypes and performs complex process experiments.

With the aid of Aseptconn experts, CFD will predict the temperatures, pressures, flow velocities, concentrations, shear stress, etc. for all the system points. The understanding of the processes gained in this way can help to speed up processes development, reduce costs and make the systems more reliable.

There are different options available:

  • A mixing basics package: shows Power analysis, Flow Patterns analysis and Turbulence analysis
  • Vortex-air mixing option: shows Flow Patterns, Vortex Shape, Air Influence
  • Powder suspension mixing option: Flow patterns, suspension homogeneity, mixing time
  • Solid dissolution option: Flow patterns, solid distribution in the fluid
  • Mixing two liquids mixing option: Flow patterns, mixing homogeneity, mixing time
  • Heating-cooling mixing option: Temperature patterns, heat transfer, heating/cooling time
  • Bioreactor, Fermenter mixing option: Flow Patterns, Gas Holdup, Oxygen Mass Transfer Coef., Interfacial Area Concentration, Coulometric Oxygen Mass Transfer Coeff.

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