1088 Vacu-Gard® Tank Blanketing Valve (DN15)

The 1088 is a valve specifically designed for small tank blanketing applications.

It opens and closes automatically as required, to maintain a closely controlled blanket pressure.

Standard valve material provides added corrosion protection at no additional cost.

The simple design increases reliability and lowers maintenance cost.

The 1088 valve set point definition is where the blanketing valve closes bubble tight.

This gives the largest dead band between the blanketing valve set point and the set point of the relieving device, and therefore will reduce losses.

The 1088 valve has a wide range of available settings, from vacuum to 14 psig, that make proper selection easier.

Compact and light weight yet allows complete access to the valve internals without being removed from the tank. Only time the diaphragm case needs to be disassembled is when replacing the diaphragm.

Pressure balanced trim. Fluctuations in supply pressure does not affect set point.

Valve set point can be verified 100% on the tank, without removal and without flowing supply gas into the tank. Temperature changes have no appreciable effect on set point

Bubble tight at set point, prevents waste of blanketing gases.

Easy Maintenance:

Uses standard O-rings for seat and seals.


Single valve system offers wide variety of configurations to meet every blanketing application. Self-cleaning flow design.

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