Just a reminder of our Heritage Pump Brands list – in case of issues with Older Pumps?

Do you have orphaned or older pumps? Finding it difficult or expensive to obtain spare parts? Has the manufacturer disappeared, seemingly without trace?

This is where Flexachem can help. With our vast knowledge of pumps and seals, we can source spare parts, or, if the pump is obsolete, supply a suitable replacement. Even without the original pump data, we will use our experience to size and specify a pump from scratch.

We represent the world’s largest pump company – Flowserve, whose heritage encompasses many brands. The following may look familiar. If so, contact us today, and we will restore your pump using genuine OEM parts.


Old Durco Pump                                                New Durco Pump

         New Durco Pump

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We are also able to supply parts for Non-Flowserve pumps. Phil Soltanour Pump Engineer would be more than happy to visit you on-site .


Flowserve Pump brands /older pumps brands.


ACEC™ Centrifugal Pumps  ACEC Pumps Lawrence Pumps  Lawrence Pumps
Aldrich® Pumps Pacific® Pumps
Byron Jackson® Pumps  Byron Jackson pumps Pleuger ® Pumps
Cameron® Pumps Sigmund   Sigmund Pumps
Durco® Pumps        Durco pumps SIHI        Sihi PumpsSterlin SIHI Pumps
Flowserve® Pumps  Flowserve Pumps Sterling Fluid Systems  Sterling
Halberg     Stork Engineered Pumps
IDP® Pumps    IDP Pumps United® Centrifugal Pumps  United Centrifugal Pumps black logoUnited Centrifugal Pumps
Ingersoll Rand Pumps   Ingersoll Rand Pumps Wilson-Snyder ® Pumps
Innomag       Innomag Pumps Worthington® Pumps 
Jeumont-Schneider™ Pumps Worthington Simpson® Pumps    worhtington simpson pumps
LaBour         Sterling LaBour Pumps



Mechanical seal brands:

BW Seals    Borg Warner seals Pac Seal  
Durametallic    Durametallic Seals Pacific Wietz
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