Zook SFAZ Bursting Disc

The Zook SFAZ Bursting Disc (rupture discs) is a solid metal scored disc design. They are designed to be used specifically in the UHZ Holder. The Zook SFAZ Bursting Disc incorporates a Fail-Safe Design. If the SFAZ Series Disc is damaged or incorrectly installed, it will always burst at or below the marked burst rating as indicated on the disc tag.

  • Non-fragmenting solid metal cross scored disc is scored on the vent side to minimize the effect of product build-up
  • Operating pressures up to 90% of marked burst pressure
  • Flat seat design
  • ASME UD marking available (Gas service only)
  • Solid metal scored disc designed for Non-fragmentation
  • Excellent for liquid, gas or 2-phase flow
  • Scored after disc material is formed to a high crown height. Permits use of thicker material and allows lower burst ratings which withstand full vacuum
  • Burst ratings 15 to 3600 psig
  • Sizes 1/29thru 249diameters
  • Temperature ratings to 1000°F (538°C)
  • Standard material of construction is Nickel. Optional materials 316SS, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy C and Aluminum are available
  • 3-dimensional stainless steel tag permanently engraved with complete disc specifications
  • ASME UD marking available (gas service only) Polymerization Vessel Protection
  • Withstands corrosive attack
  • Positive-to-negative cycling
  • Higher operating ratio
  • Use alone or combine with relief valves

Relief Valve Protection:
SFAZ Series Discs mounted under the valve isolates working parts from hostile environments

Liners: TFE liners are available to provide protection from corrosive media if required. Refer to Table 1 for maximum temperature ratings for discs and liners.

Protective Rings are recommended for use with SFAZ Series Discs to provide stability and protection when thin materials and/or liners are used

UHZ Type Flat Seat Insert Disc Holder:


  • Flat seat provides improved rupture disc sealing
  • Available in nominal sizes ranging from 1/2″ thru 30″ in standard flange classes
  • Standard materials of construction are 316SS and carbon steel. Other materials available on request
  • Permanently attached stainless steel nameplates are standard. Nameplates indicate flow direction and provide visual verification that holder assembly is properly oriented in the piping system
  • Stainless steel safety designed side clips are standard, allowing for pre-assembly of disc into holder
  • Fits type SFAZ, FDZ and FPBZ Series Discs
  • Available options include: gauge tap; nipple and tee; excess flow valve; pressure gauge; J-hook; special facings and coatings

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