Glasscoat Reactors

3V Tech provides high performance Glasscoat equipment and Components in glass-lined steel for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry.

Some of the processes include;

  • Mechanical fabrication before glass-lining is carried out in the factory.
  • Sandblasting system is automated and it is provided with separation and recovery.
  • Vertical computerised electrical furnaces and preheating & cooling chambers allows for a lining quality at maximum levels, without any contamination and defects, which can also be applied to high dimensions vessels.
  • There is always a final check on the thickness and integrity of the glass lining.

Glass application is always carried out by experts who have a long experience and tradition in this line of work. All Glasscoat Products are produced to the highest level of quality and it maintains a price: quality ratio which makes it both attractive and competitive in the current market.

3V Glasscoat product range include;
  • Reactors – DIN Standard
  • SiC S&T heat exchangers
  • Biconical dryers
  • Nutsche filters
  • Storage Vessels
  • Columns
  • Glass lined outlet valves

If you would like to view more technical information, please download our Brochure_3VGlasscoat


If you have a specific requirement, please contact our in-house product specialist to discuss your application in more detail.

Product Specialist:
Ken Killoughy
Tel: 00353 21 4617260

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