Plug Valve

Durco Plug Valves - LinedA plug valve is a type of valve which has a cylindrical or conically tapered plugs, and belongs to the family of Quarter turn valves. The plug is rotated inside the valve body to control the flow of media. The plugs have one or more hollow passageways to allow control of flow, with the added features of the V-Port plug, to allow greater control of flow. The plug valve has 100% contact allowing complete shut off when the valve is in the closed position. 

How does a plug valve work? 

The taper plug valves works by either a handle, or actuator to rotate the plug in the valve housing, which has a slot machined into it, this will allow the flow of media in either a 2 or 3 way valve, depending on requirements. 

What are the plug valves parts?

 A plug valve can be broken down into various component parts such as; an operator handle, actuation, ( Pneumatic, Electric), a stem, connecting the material to the Plug which controls the flow of media,  a Packing Gland, a Stem Packing, a Bonnet, top end of the valve and a body, main chamber to allow the media to pass from pipework to the input of the valve, then output to the next part of the process. 

What are the types of plug valves?

There are 3 different types of plug valves;

Lined plug valves, lubricated plug valve and Non-lubricated plug valve.

Lined taper plug valves, can be lined with a chemical resistant material, like PFA, PTFE etc, depending on the application, and available in cast or steel material to suit environments  

 Lubricated taper plug valves, have a grease pumped in between the body, and the back of the plug to give a surface area of lubrication, this never comes into contact with the media, they are general used for isolation purposes in a variety of liquid, gaseous and slurry services. They are available in cast iron and steel to suit application.  

Non-lubricated taper plug valves, the Sleeve line plug valve is engineered for use the most corrosive and difficult chemical services where tight shutoff is essential. It offers the proven reliability of the plug/PTFE sleeve primary seal with a fluoropolymer diaphragm secondary seal. 

What are the uses of a plug valve?

Plug valves can be used for various applications, on many media, these valves perform well in processes which utilise fluids that carry mildly abrasive particles such as dirty upstream applications, gasspecial services in sulphur, hydrogen fluoride, or where liquids could be trapped or solidify and potentially jam the valve. 

What are durco plug valves dimensions? 

Durco T4E1 PFA lined plug valve  ANSI B 16.5, 150lbs  ½ “ – 12“ 

Durco T4E2 DIN EN 558, DIN EN 1092-2, PN16 15 – 300 mm, DN150, 200, 250 and 300 to ANSI face to face 

Durco T4E3 ANSI B 16.5, 300lbs ½  “ – 12“ 

 What is a 3 way plug valve?

The 3-Way Tapered Plug Valve or 3/2 ( 3 ports-2 positions) as they are normally called within industry, consists of a body with 3 ports, normally an input port, and 2 output ports3 way valves can have many different flow paths. 

What is a metal seated plug valve?

 Metal seated plug valves are designed for very high, or low temperature environments or media temperature, they can also be used for high pressure flow, to prevent any leakage of media. 

What is an eccentric rotary plug valve?

An eccentric rotary plug control valve is used for applications that demand higher range ability, very precise control and have a higher flow capacity. 

The plug does not rub on the seating ring. Less wear, less friction, more precision. Stable throttling, low dynamic torque. Stable throttling in either flow direction. Inherently linear characteristic. Flow direction assists movement to safety position on air failure. Robust, rigid seat and plug give increased durability. Tight shut-off, Class IV (metal seat), Class VI (soft seat), even after prolonged usage 

What are the uses of lined plug valves?

 Lined plug valves are very suitable for the chemical process industries and available in the ANSI Class 150 & 300 as well DIN Class PN16 and a max. temperature of 204°C. The lined plug valves provide maximum corrosion resistance and the elimination of product contaminationPFA body liner is well anchored against the body by mean of machined and cast T-slots and the solid encapsulated/anchored PFA-plug liner material ensures a strong adhesion. The line plug valve is also suitable for extreme service and vacuum conditions. 

How can Flexachem help you?

Flexachem have over 38 years plus experience in actuating plug valves from metal seated plug valves, lined plug valves and ceramic plug valves.

Flexachem can provide actuation for all of our valves, including actuated plug valves, our main pneumatic actuator is Norbro, with a variety of switch boxes and feed back control, which is application specific to each installation. 

We offer and support leading brands & types of Plug Valves;

Flowserve plug valves, Durco plug valves, Atomac, Automax, Gestra, Kämmer, Limitorque, Logix, NAF, Norbro, Nordstrom, PMV, Valtek,  Worcester Controls 

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