Centrifugal Blowers

Depending on your specific requirement, we provide a variety of Centrifugal Blowers suitable for Air and Gas Handling Applications, our full range varies from single stage centrifugal and regenerative models to multistage centrifugals with fabricated or cast construction. Power Mizer® blowers with cast iron and aluminium components have very high operating efficiency suited for continuous-duty service, while fabricated blowers of carbon steel allow substitution of specialised metals for precise resistance to abrasion, corrosion or extreme temperatures. Overall performance maximums are: 50,000 ICFM, 20 PSIG pressure, 15″ Hg vacuum

  •  Standard Overhung – Multistage Centrifugal

Standard OverhungOur most popular design, with impellers mounted on an extended motor shaft. Simple two-bearing design reduces maintenance.

Pressure: to 5.5 psig (38 kPa)
Volume: to 7,000 icfm (198 m3/min)
Power: to 150 hp (112 kW)

  • Four Bearing Overhung – Multistage Centrifugal

Four bearing overhungImpellers are mounted on the blower shaft, which is coupled to a standard shaft motor. Rotating elements are supported by a rigid bearing bracket. Also available in belt drive arrangement.

Pressure: to 8 psig (55 kPa)
Volume: to 9,000 icfm (255 m3/min)
Power: to 300 hp (224 kW)

  • Four Bearing Outboard – Multistage Centrifugal

Four bearing outboardFor higher pressure applications. Impellers are mounted between supporting bearings. Outboard bearings are a matched set, one for radial loads, the other for thrust loads. Inboard bearing absorbs a share of the radial load. The blower is coupled to a standard shaft motor.

Pressure: to 20 psig (138 kPa)
Volume: to 30,000 icfm (840 m3/min)
Power: to 1250 hp (932 kW)

  • Power Mizer® High Efficiency – Multistage Centrifugal

Power Mizer® High Efficiency - Multistage CentrifugalMade with rugged cast components for extra-heavy-duty service. Unique three-dimensional bladed impellers and other advancements produce peak adiabatic efficiency above 80%.
The blower is coupled to a standard shaft motor.

Pressure: to 28 psig (193 kPa)
Volume: to 35,000 icfm (991 m3/min)
Power: to 2000 hp (1491 kW)

  • Single-Stage Centrifugal

Single StageScroll design blowers, either medium-duty for low pressure requirements or heavy-duty RB type for higher performance. Impeller is mounted on the blower shaft. Also available in Arrangement 8 (four bearing overhung) and Arrangement 9 (belt drive) configurations.

Pressure: to 3.5 psig (24 kPa)
Volume: to 50,000 icfm (1416 m3/min)
Power: to 800 hp (597 kW)

  • Vortex® Single-Stage Regenerative

Vortex® Single-Stage RegenerativeCompact design featuring TEFC or explosion-proof motors with quiet operation and stable airflow. Choice of direct drive or belt drive. Special seals and coatings are available.

Pressure: to 3.9 psig (27 kPa)
Volume: to 645 icfm (18 m3/min)
Power: to 15 hp (11 kW)

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