What is an evaporator?An evaporator is a mechanical device that helps remove liquid which has the overall effect of concentrating the mother liquor or leaving a solid / product behind. It relies on temperature differential of the liquids/solids and allowing one or more liquids to evaporate as they reach or exceed their boiling point.

Evaporators are specifically designed with the liquids in the application in mind. This is a function of the boiling points involved.

What are the types of Evaporators?

The main types of Evaporators include;

  • Thin/Wiped film evaporators/reboilers/dryers
  • Short path evaporators
  • Falling film evaporators/reboilers
  • Forced circulation evaporators/reboilers
  • Forced circulation evaporative and cooling crystallizers
  • Tray/Packing columns

Our thermal separation techniques are applied in industries such as base and fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, oleochemicals, petrochemicals, plastics, fibers, polymers, agrochemicals, biotech, pharmaceuticals, food & food Ingredients, as well as for environmental and energy solutions.

What is an agitated thin film evaporator design?

An agitated thin film evaporator is a best solution where the product is difficult to handle due the temperature sensitivity, high viscosity, high boiling point or fouling tendency, suitable for distillation, concentration, degassing, drying, reaction and their combination, even for GMP applications.

Which type of evaporators does Flexachem supply? 

Flexachem are the localised support for 3V Mabo Evaporators, based in Italy. They are our partners for 5 years and are part of the 3V Tech company who also have 3V Glasscoat and 3V Cogeim filter dryers.

Via our partners, we can provide engineered solutions to customers with thermal process separation problems, highly-viscosity products processing, crystallisation, distillation & rectification, solvent recovery and drying technologies.

If you have a specific requirement around evaporators, please contact one of our product specialists to discuss your application in more detail.


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