HSH – Pusher Seal

The HSH pusher seal is a type of Mechanical Seal which consist of a cartridge seal design i.e the rotating and the stationary hardware are pre-assembled before mounting onto the pump. A cartridge mechanical seal is much easier to fit & maintain compared to the component seal.

The HSH pusher seal is a balanced, flexible stator cartridge seal with drive mechanisms and seal face geometries
engineered for high torque loads and long-term performance.

How does a pusher mechanical seal work?

The pusher mechanical seal consists of a primary sealing ring assembled with an ‘O’ ring and springs which forces the sealing liquid across the face and keeps it from leaking to the atmospheric side of the seal. The dynamic ‘O’ ring is designed to be pushed along the shaft or sleeve in a cartridge seal . This seal cartridge fits in the standard seal chamber dimensions of API 610 pumps without requiring any equipment modifications.

HSH pusher seals are well known for its reliability in dealing with high-pressure, high-speed and  high torque loads, for example, large high-energy pumps which are used in pipelines or inside petrochemical plants, refineries and power plants. The HSH pusher seal is fully compliant with API 682 Type A requirements and is is easily configured to cover the vast majority of moderate and high-duty services.

  • It has a Multiport flush design which improves heat dissipation for uniform face cooling

Operating parameters of the HSH Pusher Seal:

Dynamic pressure: to 103.4 bar (1500 psi)
Static pressure: to 206.8 (3000 psi)
Temperatures: -40°C to 260°C (-40°F to 500°F)
Specific gravity: 0.3 and higher
Surface speed: to 46 m/s (150 fps)
Shaft sizes: 25.4 to 156 mm (1.000 to 6.125 in

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Key Features of the HSH Pusher Seal:

  • It provides the widest standard operating range in terms of size, speed and pressure-handling capability of any Flowserve pump seal.
  • It is designed for high pressures, high speeds and large shaft diameters
  • It can withstand high torque with heavy-duty, anti-rotation lugs engaged in seal face
  • It has a Multiport flush design which improves heat dissipation for uniform face cooling
  • It allows for part interchangeability between single and dual seal arrangements

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