Features – Fire-Rated Valves

Fire-Rated valves accommodate flammable media in sanitary process environments. It is a 3-piece True-Bore® design where the port ID of the ball, seats, and end connections are the same as the ID of the system tubing.

PBM’s Igenix® Sanitary Series 6 ball valve is a three-pieceTrue-Bore® design where the port Internal Diameter (ID) of the ball, seats and end connections are the same as the ID of the system tubing. Seats and seals are FDA compliant TFMTMmaterial. Body seals incorporate an FDA approved elastomer (USP Class VI on request) or encapsulated elastomer based on media compatibility. Stem packing is live-loaded white TFM. Graphite body gaskets and packing are isolated from the process media under normal conditions, and are exposed only in the event of elastomers melting under fire conditions. Valves are API 607 Edition 4 Qualified, designed with metal back-up seats which limit leakage in the event of a fire.

End fittings match the tubing connections. Orbital weld end fittings have a wall thickness to match connecting tubing and have a controlled sulfur content of .005% through .017%. The valves are static grounded, and do not require disassembly for welding. Body bolts are fully encapsulated. Body bolts and nuts are A193/A194 Grade 8 stainless steel. I.D. and O.D. surface finish shall be the same as specified for tubing. Optional mechanical or electropolishing for internal and external finishes. Maximum working pressure is 720 psig and full vacuum.

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