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We supply a range of actuated Ball, Butterfly and Plug Valves.

Flexachem supply a full range of actuated Butterfly valve, from Sanitary, Lined or Alloy. Butterfly valve sizes vary up to 48 inches in the TX range.

We also provide all your aftermarket support including spares, replacements, actuation needs and site service.

Our range of two piston actuators are ideally suited for ball valves, butterfly and plug valves where the torque requirements are higher compared to the lower torque range of other actuators. We also have a compact range of two piston actuators for smaller bore valves. Our Actuators can be mounted in-line with the pipe or cross-mounted with the pipe which is also beneficial when it comes to stacking of your pipe.

Our actuators do not have to be inverted or require special mounting kits when used on counterclockwise spring stroke operations, unlike other manufacturers. Our two piston actuators also have less moving parts which lead to less wearing parts thus providing you with longer life and lower maintenance costs compared to other actuators. All mountings conform to ISO 5211 bottom mounting and Namur top works for swithchbox/positioner and had VDI/VDE 3845 Namur solenoid pads.

Flexachem supply the complete range of Flowserve quarter-turn valves together with full automation solutions. From On/Off to throttling applications. We will cover all your needs when it comes to actuation In Ireland.

Atomac Lined valves & Sightglasses  / Automax Actuators / Durco lined and Alloy Plug Valves / Gestra Steam / Limitorque Actuators / Logix Positioners / NAF Valves / Norbro Actuator / Nordstrom Valves / PMV Switchboxes and Positioners  / Worcester Ball Valves  / Valbart valves / .

If it is full control that you require, our range of Flowserve equipment is unsurpassed from Low Flow (0.0000063 Cv) to Sanitary to Severe Service.

Gestra, Kammer, Logix, NAF, PMV, Valbart & Valtek Ranges

For more Information on valve actuation contact Brendan Merrigan on 087 259 8124 or

Script: Does your Facility use Valves? Yes! Are They Actuated? No! Why Not? Flexachem have the expertise to make this difficult process a streamlined reality.

We can expertly retrofit actuators to your existing valves on-site.

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