Process Equipment

Process equipment covers quite a range of solution types that end users require to produce & complete their goods for their customer base. This includes tank based manufacturing solution using agitators & mixing technology to blend ingredients. The end product can then be filtered, dried and transferred to other areas of the plant for packaging & filling as appropriate. The tank and process lines will need cleaning, in which Clean in place skids & tank cleaning spray nozzles are utilised to achieve a readiness for the next batch.

Process equipment is at the heart of the end product delivery for the client and with Flexachem partners, we enable energy efficient, reliable and cost effective production of same.

Your site safety is important to us which is why Flexachem provides dependability in service for vapour control applications, via the Cashco process solutions. These typically involve emergency and operating tank vents, flame arresters and blanketing & pressure regulators. We also provide a wide variety of safety valves and bursting discs.

Across industrial and sanitary applications, Flexachem will work closely with you to provide a reliable industry proven solution. If you have a specific requirement in mind, please contact one of our product specialists to discuss your application further.

Contact our Process Equipment Team:

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