SIHI SuperNova Pump ZDN – Hot Water

SIHI SuperNova Hot Water Pump ZDN is a Horizontal, single-stage volute casing pumps with the dimensions and nominal ratings to EN 22858 in back pull out design, with uncooled balanced mechanical seal. The EN 22858 dimensional standard makes replacement of obsolete or unreliable pumps very easy.  The series ZDN has especially been designed for the trouble free handling of hot water up to 207 °C without cooling requirements. The back pull out design permits the removal of the complete bearing unit towards the drive side without removing the pump casing from the pipe work. A spacer type coupling is standard making re-alignment unnecessary.

Pumps of the  ZDN type are part of the family of heat transfer and circulation pumps. They are primarily used for circulation of hot water in closed pipe and vessel systems. Therefore their fields of application are the energy production, the heat transport industry and here mainly in systems where hot water as heat carrier is given preference, despite its high system pressure, over oil as a heat carrier.

Technical Data:

  • Flow rate: up to 600 m³/h
  • Head: up to 90 m
  • Speed: max. 3,600 rpm
  • Temperature: Max. 207 °C
  • Casing pressure: up to 25 bar (PN 25)
  • Shaft seal: balanced standard mechanical seal, uncooled
  • Material: nodular iron
  • Flange connections: DIN EN 1092-2 PN 40
  • Direction of rotation: clockwise, when looking at the Pump from the drive end

The SIHI SuperNova Pump ZDN series has specifically been designed for the trouble free handling of hot water up to 207 °C and is distinguished by:

  • A double heat barrier that causes an optimal energy consumption by the pump and reduces the temperature level in the mechanical seal chamber to less than 90 °C without external cooling circuit (see temperature curve on page 3). The service life of the mechanical seal increases considerably.
  • A special design that automatically leads accumulation of gas to exhaust. Consequently, the dry operation of the mechanical seal can be excluded.
  • A programme that comprehends 22 construction sizes and thus guarantees an optimal solution for every operating point.
  • The back pull out design, which permits the removal of the complete, bearing unit towards the drive side without removing the pump casing from the pipe work. If a spacer coupling is installed it is also unnecessary to disconnect the motor.

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