MixerPac 2568 – Top-entry Mixer Seal

The Mixerpac 2563 -Top-entry Mixer Seal is a type of a sanitary mechanical seal which is used for sterile applications and is suitable for use on mixers, reactors, filters and filter dryers. It is a non-contact, lift off gas barrier seal with a modular cartridge design and is easy to clean/sterilize.

It is designed for top-entry mixer installations and it can be configured for sterile, high-pressure or large shaft movement applications. It comes as a complete, bidirectional and ready-to-install sealing cartridge. It seals the product chamber of a mixer vessel from the atmosphere. It comprises of a multiple mechanical seal (MS) with axially arranged seal ring pairs, on the product side, as well as on the atmospheric side. It has an unbalanced seal, a shaft sleeve, housings and optional with an installed cooling flange. There are numerous options, from a cooling flange and sanitary gland/debris catcher, for applications requiring steam cleaning.

The spring force and the product pressure push the seal ring against the mating ring. The seal ring and the mating ring are sealed from the shaft sleeve, respectively from the housing, by sealing elements (e. g. O-rings). The faces of the seal ring and the mating ring are designed as sealing faces and establish the seal gap. On the product side, the Mixerpac has a MS with self-sealing effect in both directions, i. e. it seals both from the product side and from the barrier fluid side. In the event of loss or of variations, the product-side MS remains closed (safety case).

Operating Parameters:

Pressure: vacuum to 10bar (145psi)

Temperature: -40 to 200°C (390°F)

Speed: up to 10 m/s (33 fps)

Shaft sizes: 40 to 220 mm (1.575 to 9.000 inch)

MixerPac 2568 Sanitary Mechanical Seal

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