Seal Accessories

It is estimated that 90% of the Mechanical Seals in a typical plant fail due to reasons other than wearing out. The mechanical seal failure analysis offers clues to other equipment, system or operational deficiencies.

Flexachem offer a range of Flowserve Mechanical Seal Accessories to help you enhance the long term reliability and safety of the equipment while simultaneously helping to minimise maintenance such as the;

  • Bearing Gard Isolator
  • Duraclear and Barrier Fluids
  • IPS beacon
  • Barrier Gas Panels

Bearing Gard Isolators protect bearing housings from environmental contamination which help in lowering the cost of ownership in the lifetime of the equipment.

Duraclear high performance barrier fluids provide optimal lubrication and proper operating conditions for the inner and outer seals. DuraClear barrier fluids are formulated specifically for the mechanical seal and barrier fluid reservoir environment and they do not contain any detergents or heavy metals.

Take a look at how the IPS Beacon could enhance the long term reliability and safety of the equipment.

If Energy Reduction across your plant is your concern, than Flexachem can carry out a Predictive & Preventative Maintenance Schedule on all your vibrating process equipment. It is a cost-effective means of increasing Uptime and Extending Mean Time Between Failure.

To find out more about our full range of pump accessories – why not contact one of our Mechanical Seal Specialist team?

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