Cora Rotary Valve

Cora Rotary Valve:

The Cora Rotary Valve (Butterfly Valve)  was conceived to resolve the problem of interception and flow control in pharmaceutical plants, allowing the continuous feeding of granules and powders and the uniform dosage of the product while feeding Mills, Tablet Press Machines, Capsule Filling Machines, Microdosing Machines and Sieving Machines.The Cora Rotary Valve (Butterfly Valve) was designed and manufactured respecting the strictest hygiene norms and avoiding recesses and interstices of any kind, thus allowing the operator to quickly disassemble and clean the valve without the use of any tools.

The Rotary Valve is based upon the Sole range of Sole Valve successfully used in hundreds of pharmaceutical plants around the world. It has been developed to provide uniform dosing of product. Its star configuration and its movement (alternating 180 degrees in one direction and 180 degrees in the other direction) supplies product and transfers it into the machine below by keeping above that contained in the feeding receiver. The alternating movement prevents separation. The operation of the valve movement can be regulated as required.


  • AISI 316 (DIN 1.4401) body, satin finished body, (mirror polished on request)
  • AISI 316L (DIN 1.4404) mirror polished rotor
  • 6 lobes (8 if requested) rotor operated by a reciprocating movement to introduce a uniform quantity of product
  • No seal type O-Ring (OR) on the shafts
  • Easy to disassemble, inspect, clean, particularly the quick release series with «CLAMP»
  • Very light and compact- Materials: stainless steel and silicone seal
  • Manufactured according to G.M.P. norms
  • Allows continuous feeding of granules and powders without obstructing product flow
  • Can hold pressure and vacuum (when the valve is stopped)
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Interchangeable with standard SOLE VALVE and TABLET VALVE


  • Very light and compact compared to traditional star valves
  • Stops only in closed position
  • Little friction between rotor and seal because of a reduced contact surface
  • No lubricants required
  • Sterilisable also by autoclaving


  • Ground valve for powders containers
  • Anywhere a controlled flow of material is required, particularly in the feeding of: mills, tablet press machines, capsule filling machines, micro-dosing machines and sieving machines

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