APEX 8000 Positioner

The Automax APEX 8000 positioner provides outstanding control for a wide range of valves and dampers. The APEX 8000’s two-stage relay provides fast, sensitive response characteristics to meet demanding control objectives. It may be used with 3-15 psi pneumatic control signals (as shown) or fitted with an I/P transducer for 4-20 mA signals. The APEX 8000 is available with many options including position feedback limit switches, 4-20 mA position feedback transmitter, and our UltraDome visual position indicator.

Automax APEX 8000 positioners may be used to control quarter-turn control valves such as eccentric plug, butterfly, segmented ball, standard ball, and plug valves. The APEX 8000’s sensitive two-stage relay also makes it ideal for precise damper control applications. Specify the APEX 8000 whenever valve rotation sensitivity is critical.

The APEX 8000 may be installed on any quarter-turn valve actuator conforming to the NAMUR standard for accessory mounting bolt pattern and pinion height without a coupler. This reduces deadband and is less expensive. Contact your Flowserve distributor or representative for information about mounting the APEX 8000 on non-NAMUR actuators.

The APEX 8000 housing is constructed from durable die-cast aluminum. The housing is anodized for internal corrosion resistance, then coated with epoxy powder for external resistance to harsh chemicals


  1. Two-Stage Pilot Relay provides fast, sensitive response characteristics for precise control of critical control valves and dampers.
  2. Non-interactive Span Adjustment reduces calibration time.
  3. Adjustable Gain allows positioner sensitivity adjustment for a wide range of valve/actuator applications.
  4. Corrosion Resistant Materials. All exposed parts are either stainless steel or epoxy powder coated anodized aluminum to permit use in corrosive environments.
  5. Optional UltraDome Visual Position Indicator provides adjustable, high-contrast, full-angle viewing of valve position.
  6. Field Upgradable. The APEX 8000 is field-upgradable to a number of electro-pneumatic options without removing the cover. Limit switches or a 4-20 mA position transmitter may be installed with basic tools.
  7. Vibration Resistant. High natural frequency and pneumatic dampening make the APEX 8000 unaffected by vibrations with accelerations up to 2 G’s and frequencies to 500 Hz.

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