Mabo provides engineered solutions to customers with thermal process separation problems, as a result Mabo has developed over time a proven reputation in evaporation, highly-viscosity products processing, crystallisation, distillation & rectification, solvent recovery and drying technologies.

Flexachem are the distributors for Mabo in Ireland.

Examples of thermal separation techniques applied in various industries;

=>base and fine chemicals,
=>pharmaceuticals, =>food & food Ingredients,
=>specialty chemicals,
=>environmental and energy solutions.

Mabo designs and supplies single equipment to complete tailor-made thermal separation solutions.

Depending on the application, Flexachem, as the main distributors supply a wide variety and combination of thermal separation equipment:

=>Thin/Wiped film evaporators/reboilers/dryers
=>Short path evaporators
=>Falling film evaporators/reboilers
=>Forced circulation evaporators/reboilers
=>Forced circulation evaporative and cooling crystallizers Tray/Packing columns

Our focus is to design the optimal energetic arrangement of the thermal separation plant, in order to minimise capital and operating costs.

Some of the options we apply:

=>Multiple effect arrangement (ME)
=>Thermal vapor recompression (TVR)
=>Mechanical vapor recompression (MVR)
=>Use of waste heat (e.g. waste steam, hot water, etc.)
=>Combination of several techniques

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