Multiport Valve

What is a multiport valve?A multi-port valve is a type of valve which has normally more than two ports and it can have either 3, 4- or 5-way control depending on the application. It is typically used for the selection of several flow paths to enable the process to continue in the manner designed, to meet the customer’s needs.

How does a multi-port valve work?

A multi-port valve works by changing the direction of flow internally using a pre-designed flow path and can switch between 90 degrees or 180 degrees alone the media to flow via two ports or three ports if necessary.

What is the function of a multiport valve?

The main purpose of a multi-port valve in industry is in assisting the flow change and direction of flow to the next part of the manufacturing stage or cycle.

What are the uses and applications of a multi-port valve?

The main uses and applications of a multi-port valve in industry, can be used to reduce the number of valves in the process line, rather than having 2 x 2 port Valves, it may be possible to install a 3 way valve to carry out the same function.

What the different types of multi-port valves?

Multi-port valves can come in different variations 3, 4 or 5 way ball valves.

A 3 way valve is the number of ports for possible connection, and positions of flow are determined by the position of the handle for manual valves or actuator for automated control.  This would then be called a 3/2 valve, or 3/3 valve, the designer, or end user will select the combination of ports and positions to meet their process needs.

These ball valves can come in a variety of material for instance 316 stainless steel, carbon steel and other exotic materials. The sealing material can be TFM PTFA another sealing materials are available.

How can Flexachem help you?

Flexachem can offer assistance in the following range of valve manufacturers, PBM, Inoxpa and the Flowserve multi-port valve range.

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