Butterfly Valves

What are Butterfly Valves?

Butterfly Valves are lighter in weight than most valves and are used to regulate and control the flow of the product.

The Butterfly Valves are an ideal choice for precise throttling control or on-off service and they are less expensive and are energy-efficient when actuated. A broad range of applications can be met via metal- and soft-seated designs as well as lined versions for corrosive and hygienic applications.

Flexachem have over 37 years plus experience in actuating butterfly valves MetalLined and HygienicButterfly valve sizes vary up to 48 inches in the TX range. We supply and have in stock Flowserve Norbro and Automax actuators.

We offer Metal high-performance butterfly valves with soft seats such as the Durco Big Max 2001 and the Valtek Torex or if it is nasty powders which you are handling than our lined butterfly valve range might be more of interest to you!
Do check out our rubber seated RX Butterfly valve which is ideally suited for all your utility requirements or our Inoxpa range for any hygienic applications.

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