V-balls for Control Valves

V-balls for Control valves in industrial and sanitary throttling or shearing applications accurate control the flow of liquids or thick media. These valves feature characterized balls with various port shapes, including “V”. Manual valve standard.

Look beyond traditional globe valves to a valve technology that gives you high pressure drop capacity with straight-through flow, precision control, shearing action, erosion control and bubble-tight shutoff. The flow characteristic is precision machined to a “V” shape to meet any control requirement. The controlling element is a 316L stainless steel ball with a choice of resilient seat options, but is also available in hastelloy, titanium, inconnel, and bronze.

V-Balls have equal percentage flow characteristics, while the slotted balls have linear flow characteristics. As the ball rotates, desired flow rates can be achieved by positioning the ball anywhere between 0° and 90°. This provides high flow capacity and outstanding repeatability in manufacturing processes. Custom openings are available to meet your unique control needs and provides an economical solution to more expensive rising stem control valves. These valves also feature characterized balls with various port shapes, including V or slotted either manual or automated. PBM V-Ball is available in any PBM 2-way series valve (ANSI, Industrial, Sanitary) and can combine with features such as purge ports, crown flats and polishing.

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