SIHI Pumps at Flexachem – Your Supplier of SIHI Pumps and Spares In Ireland

Flexachem is delighted to announce that we are the recognised Irish distributor of Flowserve SIHI Pumps.

The SIHI Pumps brand has a number of heritage brands associated with it such as Sterling  SIHI, Sterling Fluid Systems, LaBour, Halberg, SIHI Halberg, SIHI Ryaland.

Sterling LaBour Pumps     Sterlin SIHI Pumps     Sihi Pumps                       Halberg pumps     

Our pumps team have decades of prior experience of the SIHI range, enabling us to provide the same high level of expertise and support that we already provide for our existing Flowserve portfolio. The range covers SIHI Side Channel Pumps, SIHI Mag Drive Pumps, SIHI Multi-Stage pumps and the SIHI Supernova range.

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SIHI side channel pumps can handle high volumes of gas and liquid mixtures. They are self-priming, guaranteeing a high level of process safety in the most varied of process-oriented cycles.

A SIHI side channel pump is capable of evacuating a  suction pipe and can prime the medium for suction independently. Depending on the integrated positive displacement unit, it is possible to handle gas contents of up to 50%. The self-priming and gas-handling characteristics guarantee safe operation even in case of evaporation and therefore also a high degree of safety in industrial processes.


• Self-priming
• Handling of liquid-gas mixtures
• Performance curve characteristics
• Capacity up to 35 m3/h (154 US gpm)
• Delivery head up to 354 m (1161 ft)
• Pumping of liquids under critical physical conditions

Industries Served:

• Pharmaceutical
• Petrochemical
• Foodstuff
• Water supply
and many more


• Filling
• Emptying
• Irrigation
• Distillation
• Product transfer
• Fuel storage
• Extraction

Typical Pump Life Cycle Costs

Typically, 90% of the total life-cycle cost (LCC) of a pumping system is accumulated after the equipment is purchased and installed. Flowserve has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions aimed at providing customers with unprecedented value and cost savings throughout the lifespan of the pumping system. These solutions account for every facet of life-cycle cost, including:

Capital Expenses
• Initial purchase
• Installation

Operating Expenses
• Energy consumption
• Maintenance
• Production losses
• Environmental
• Inventory
• Operating
• Removal

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