Rectangular & “D” Ended, Elongated Sightglass, Series RSG & LSG

Used for the observation of the liquid level, interface or a reaction within stirred vessels, reactors, silos, storage tanks, dryers, columns, evaporators etc. in all process industries.

The base frame is welded into or onto a vessel wall.

Rectangular: Various lenghts available from 170 x 70 mm offering a view of 120 x 18 mm to 1000 x 70 mm offering a view of 4 x 204 x 18 mm
D-ended: Depending on nominal pressure, offering an uninterrupted view from 121 x 15 mm up to 725 x 50 mm.

Rectangular units are rated 16 bar and vacuum. D-ended units are available for 2.5 / 6 / 10 / 25 bar. Temperatures of up to 100°C with sodium silicate glass to DIN 8903 or up to 243°C with borosilicate glass to DIN 7081.

Base frame in stainless steels 316Ti (1.4571) or 321 (1.4541) or boilerplate
Cover frame: As base frame
Seals: Neoprene, KLINGERsil C4400, PTFE, Viton
Base frame in stainless steel 316L (1.4435), boilerplate or Hastelloy
Cover frame in stainless steel 304 (1.4301), boilerplate or Hastelloy
Seals: KLINGERsil C4400, EPDM, Silicone, PTFE
Glass to DIN 8903 or 7081. Transparent for D-ended units, fluted (Reflex) for rectangluar units.

– To DIN 50049, 3.1A or 3.1B or 3.1B AD-W2 for frames (depending on series)
– To DIN 50049, 2.2 for glass plate
– Additional certificates on request

– Base frame with radiused back ( to match vessel radius)
– Special dimensions
– Closed back (base frame) version with drilled and tapped holes at the ends for pipe connections
– Version with double glasses
– Base frame with bolt tappings drilled through
– Base frame with blind tappings

The nominal pressure indicated refers to the design base of the sightglass. When welded into the vessel concerned, the base frame becomes part of the vessel wall. It is necessary, therefore, that appropriate strength calculations are made on all vessels concerned with the respect to the design pressure and size of the vessel and in accordance with the relevant design code. If found to be necessary, reinforcement of the vessel wall has to be carried out.

Light fittings for hazardous or safe areas, series CHEMLUX (14,17)*, EdelLUX (15)*, fibroLUX (16)*, miniLUX (12)*. Observation quality is aided considerably with the addition of a light fitting.

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