Products for Wastewater Treatment

When it comes to handling wastewater treatment applications, Moyno provides significant advantages that can reduce downtime, increase cost savings and enhance operational productivity.

Moyno Products

  • Moyno 2000 HS System – Handles filter cakes with a higher percentage of solids at higher pressures than any other PC pump; Twin screw feeder for positive fill; Advanced control packages
  • Moyno 2000 Pump – Crowned gear universal joint drive assembly with patented seals; Optimized pumping elements with Ultra-Shield® rotor coatings and Ultra-Flex® stator elastomers
  • Moyno 2000 CC Pump – features a close-coupled design with a sealed gear-type universal joint drive train
  • Moyno 1000 Pump – Sealed and lubricated pin joint drive train
  • Moyno Metering Pump – Pulsationless, repeatable flow rates
  • Moyno 500 Pump – Compact, lightweight utility pump
  • Moyno Annihilator Grinder – Twin shaft grinder with patented spacer/cutter assembly
  • Moyno Pipeliner Grinder – Single shaft grinder with self-adjusting cutters
  • Options – Fiber Deflector to prevent pump ragging; Shaft Sleeve to protect drive shaft from wear in highly abrasive applications; Flush Gland that permits controlled leakage of process or flush fluid; Control Packages with advanced, integrated touch screens; Fluid Detection Systems to prevent run-dry conditions


    • High quality, well-engineered products
    • Wastewater treatment process knowledge and application expertise
    • Dedicated in-house professionals to interpret specifications and construct equipment scopes of supply, quotations and documentation
    • Experienced, seasoned representatives in the field
    • Proprietary Ultra® Technologies for a performance edge

typical Applications

    • Primary treatment and solids separation – Pumping station, high head lift station, raw influent wastewater, grit removal, scum skimming grease and primary sedimentation
    • Secondary treatment – Aeration tank, return sludge and secondary sedimentation
    • Tertiary treatment – Nitrification tank, return sludge, sedimentation tank, denitrification tank, post aeration, final sedimentation, filtration and cross absorbtion
    • Disinfection – Sodium hypochlorite, final effluent
    • Sludge process disposal flow – Thickening, stabilization, conditioning, concentration/dewatering, final plant processing and disposal