Steam System Analysis

Do you want help in finding out where the loss of live steam is occuring on your plant and largely cut your energy costs?

Steam Trap EquipmentWe want to help you raise the efficiency of your steam and condensate system on your plant which is why we can carry out a Steam System Analysis of your site using our GESTRA trap testing equipment.

The GESTRA TRAP set is a computer-aided mobile steam trap monitoring, recording and evaluation system. It maintains historical steam trap survey data, tracks traps in need of repair and draws up/prints out a list of all defective steam traps.

The Advantages of the GESTRA TRAP Set – VKP 40 / VKP 40Ex:

  • Universally applicable for steam traps of all makes and types
  • Graphic presentation of the measurement results in the form of a standing curve
  • Automatic evaluation of the steam trap being tested
  • Integrated temperature measurement for identifying obstructed (banked-up) steam traps
  • User-friendly, convenient PC software for the storage and management of trap-specific data
  • No special knowledge required for the steam-loss reports
  • Clear and informative repair orders can be printed out
  • Data exchange between PC and hand-held terminal with one mouse click
  • Hand-held terminal with only 5 keys and a clear user interface, ensuring ease of operation
  • Illuminated graphic display
  • Test measurements for spontaneous trap testing, including automatic evaluation

You can choose to buy the TRAP test system or simply have your steam traps checked by our technical trained staff.

Whichever you choose – we are happy to assist you with. Contact our Steam Specialist to find out more.

Download the Operating Manual for the Steam Trap Testing VKP 40 EN