Slurry Seal Mixer

Allpac Slurry Seal MixerA slurry seal mixer is a type of mechanical seal for agitator which handles slurries. A slurry is generally a liquid with higher levels of solids contained in it and can be brutal on equipment. However Flowserve have kept this in mind and cleverly designed slurry seal mixers for low-solids applications to more heavy duty applications which can handle up to 60% solids content by weight.

In the Pharma sector, the solids would be the product / active ingredient which is then further processed via a filter dryer to leave the powder. In the waste-water treatment sector, a slurry will have higher solids content that is transferred for de-watering. A slurry agitator is often used to keep the solids in suspension to prevent settling out and forming on the base of the vessel or bulk tank before being transferred to the next stage of processing.

How can Flexachem help you?

Flexachem are the leading distributor in Ireland for Flowserve Mechanical Seals – we supply the full range of Slurry Mixer Seals.

Slurry Mixer Seal Flowserve

If you have any query around how to install slurry seal mixer or have some concerns around seal failures, why not contact one of our seal specialists below to discuss it in more detail and find out how we can help solve your issues and get your process running reliably again.

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