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Mark 3 Lo-Flo, ANSI Standard Pump

Product Description

Durco Mark 3 Lo-Flo Brochure

The Mark 3 Lo Flo ANSI Pump is a centrifugal pump type which is reliable in operation at low or throttle flows with a reduction in radial shaft loads due to the special impeller design. It extends the shelf life of Shafts, Bearings & Mechanical Seals.

Circular, Concentric Casing and Radial Vane Impeller reduce radial loads and shaft vibration, extending bearing and mechanical seal life.

Mark 3A Power End with external micrometer impeller adjustment is precisely accurate and enables impeller clearance setting to rear cover in 20 seconds.

ANSI 3A Power End featuring Inpro VBX isolators comes with three-year performance guarantee.

Award-Winning SealSentry Seal Chambers feature unique flow modifiers to extend seal life and improve overall pump reliability.

Oversized Shaft and Bearing Components provide extended bearing life and reduced shaft deflection and vibration.


  • Offered in a wide range of metallurgy
  • Radial vane impeller
    • Minimal thrust loads
    • Reduced NPSH requirements
    • Low seal chamber pressures
    • Longer seal and bearing life
  • ANSI 3A Power End
    • Certified clean rooom assembly
    • Inpro/Seal’s VBX isolators
    • Magnetic drain plug
    • Synthetic oil bath, oil mist, shielded, grease-lube
  • Operating parameters
    • Flows to 50 m3/h (220 gpm)
    • Heads to 300 m (1000 ft)
    • Pressures to 30 bar (450 psi)
    • Temperatures from -75°C (-100°F) to 370°C (700°F)

General Purpose,Solvents,Petrochemical Processing,Polymers,Organic Chemicals,Acid Transfer,General Processing Industry,Corrosive Services,Chlor-alkali,Chemical Processing,Aquariums,Hydrocarbon Processing

Auxiliary,Automotive and Aircraft,Construction,Electronics,Miscellaneous Services,OEM,Pharmaceuticals,Polymers,Solvents,Slurry Processing,Utilities,Volatile Organic Compounds,Waste Processing,Water Handling and Treatment,Water Treatment,Acid Transfer,Caustic and Chlor-Alkali