Flexachem are the Distributor of INOXPA in Ireland

INOXPA is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of stainless steel process components and fluid handling equipment in the food-processing, beverage, dairy, cosmetic and pharmaceutical, wine-making industries.

They support a full range including mixing skids, CIP skids, product recovery systems, pasteurizers, manifolds, process automation, pumps, agitators, blenders, mixers, valves, and fittings. INOXPA is working in compliance with the exigent standards for every product and the certification normative of ISO 9001, CE, EHEDG, FDA and ATEX.


Inoxpa PROLAC HCP               Inoxpa SLR Rotary Lobe Pump

For more information on their pumps please click here for Centrifugal pumps or here for Rotary Lobe or if you prefer to arrange a site inspection, feel free to contact Phil Soltan on 086 1853 782 or email phil.soltan@flexachem.com

Inoxpa Sanitary Butterfly Valve

For more information on their valves click here for their Butterfly Valve, here for their Double Seat Valve and here for their Cavity Spray Double Seat Valve or if you prefer to arrange your site inspection, feel free to contact Brendan Merrigan on 087 259 8124 or email brendan.merrigan@flexachem.com

Inoxpa Dairy Manufacturing Miniplant   

For More information on their Process Skids click here for Dairy Manufacturing Mini Plant or here for their sauce production skid or if you prefer to arrange a site inspection, feel free to contact Michael Bradley on 086 047 6178 or email michael.bradley@flexachem.com

To find out more about INOXPA click here and also to find out more about our full offering for the Food, Beverage and Dairy Industries.

If you would like to have a 360 virtual tour of the plant in Spain, please click here